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30 Tips for Using Coupons and Discount Voucher Codes

Today things are tough all over; at least financially speaking. We work more than we are at home it seems, and much of the time it feels as though our pay is spent before it ever hits our hands. So, what can we do to make things a little easier on ourselves? One of the solutions is to find ways to save money on the things we buy. We’ve all heard of people who collect coupons and never go anywhere without them. However, how many of us actually take the time to do this for ourselves? Believe it or not, saving money with discount vouchers and coupons can bite a big chunk out of the money we spend on everyday items. Following are best ways in which you can save money with discounts, vouchers and coupon codes.

How to use discount voucher codes

1. Save the Coupons of Products You Purchase

Most of us throw away the packaging from whatever products we buy without giving it a second thought. This is a big mistake. Many times there are special offers slipped inside the packaging. Some of the time it is a blatant coupon for the next purchase. Other times it is a coupon for a different item that is made by the same company. Instead of tossing the wrapper the next time you buy something, look it over. A great deal of companies or manufacturers include a website address that you can visit to look for special offers.

2. Look for Promo Codes for Your Favourite Items

The coupon world, as well as the number of people who rely on them has increased quite a bit since the age of the internet. There was a time when the only way to get a coupon was to clip them from the newspaper. As we will discuss later, that is still an option. However, make a list of some of your favourite products and check each and every one of the websites for them. There is a very good chance you will find a deal. The deal could come in the form of a coupon you print out, or a specific app you must install on your smartphone in order to reap the benefits. Either way, it is worth the time to try and save a bit on the things you like to buy.

3. Check News Publications for Cut out Coupons

How many of us used to sit and watch our mums clip newspaper coupons? Well, guess what? Mums are still clipping them, and they can still be found in the daily paper. Oftentimes the best ones can be found in the Sunday paper, but the daily paper is still a great place to look. Keep in mind that we are not just talking about your national paper. There are dozens of different types of news publications out there. Some of these are even free of charge and chocked full of coupons. Pick up as many papers as you can, and by all means, save every coupon you find.

4. Participate in Surveys Online

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of websites that offer consumers to participate in surveys in order to obtain special deals and offers on products. Typically, these surveys will ask you a series of questions which are designed to determine what products you would be most interested in. Many manufacturers use this tactic in order to drive the public to try a new product they have out on the market. Yes, the survey may take a little time to complete, but if you have found a way to save even a bit of money on store or online purchasing, what’s the harm?

5. Join a Coupon Emailing List

None of us like spam emails, in fact it is probably safe to assume we hate them. Nonetheless, there are still a wealth of reputable websites out there for coupon people. You can simply type, “Coupon list sites” into your search engine and browse the results. If you are unsure about adding your email for fear of spam, look around for some reviews of the particular website you are looking at. Once you find one you like and sign up, the emails will start coming in. Even if you don’t think you will use some of the coupons you receive, keep them. Just because you don’t like or use a specific product doesn’t mean you can’t give that coupon way. Coupon trading is a big thing for extreme couponers.

6. Use Coupon Web Forums to Download Coupons

You would be surprised how many forums are out there for coupon clippers. Again, a quick Google search will lead you right to them. If you have already started collecting coupons, these forums are great for getting tips and advice on how to best use your coupons. It may not seem like rocket science but there is definitely an ideal way to use coupons. Members of these discussion forums can share with you the best way to maximize savings. Additionally, you can gain information on other places to find coupons. Another good aspect of belonging to a coupon forum is the ability to request specific coupons. Maybe one of them will even have a list you can search to find coupons or promo codes for your preferred products.

7. Pay Attention to Store Flyers

Right, so you walk into a store with a pocket full of coupons, and you’re ready to start saving. Stop. Do not go a step further without grabbing a store flyer to see what kind of sales they have going for the week. Let’s say you have a coupon for a certain type of cereal or milk. If the store is featuring that item on sale that day, you’ve literally saved as much as double or even triple what you would have without the coupon and the sale combination. Did you know that some people become so good at using coupons at the right store, at the right time, that they end up saving so much money they actually obtain credit.

8. Check Coupon Sites Often

After joining the coupon sites of choice, make sure you check back often to see if any new deals have been placed on the site. Consider that many coupons are posted on these sites for a short period of time, which means you only have so much time to get there and take advantage of the deal. Some websites have double coupon days as well. This means whatever coupons they have on the site that day offer double savings. Instead of saving one pound on a jar of chutney, you can save two, for example.

9. Save More Money by Combining Coupons with Store Specials

As mentioned above, you can save even more money when you buy an item that is in the sale paper. However, when your shop is having a major blow out sale, and you have coupons, we are talking huge savings. One thing to remember is that you should always read the fine print on the coupons you have to be certain you can use the manufacturer’s coupon in conjunction with another offer. Most of the time there won’t be an issue, but every so often you’ll run into limitations.

10. Go to the Store’s Official Website

Most stores these days have websites, unless you are shopping at a small specialty store. Even then the chances they have their own website are good. Before you venture off to the store, always look at the website as many offers are considered “online only” coupons. That means you will have to print them out or take a picture of the coupon with your phone and show the photograph to the store clerk.

11. Ask About Loyalty Reward Programs

A very good campaign to bring customers into a store is to offer a loyalty or reward card to frequent shoppers. Most of the time what happens is that you accumulate a certain number of points every time you shop. Once you get to a certain number of points, you either get something for free or you get a set cash value you can spend. If you use your coupons with your rewards card, you may find yourself getting a lot of freebies.

12. Sign up for Newsletters

Yes, there really are still newsletters that come in your actual post, and not your email box. Many of these newsletters are funded by advertisements in the form of coupons. You may even gain access to coupons that cannot be found anywhere else by having newsletters delivered to your home. Some businesses that don’t necessarily have the money to take out a full page ad use free newsletters to draw people in. For example, your local nail or hair salon may have a coupon published in a local newsletter. Remember, goods are not the only thing coupons are used for.

13. Look at Your Store Receipts

One of the best kept secrets can be found on your store receipt. How often do you crumple up your receipt and toss it in the rubbish bin without giving it a second thought? Start paying attention, as many have coupons at the bottom or even on the back. Some of them may say 15% off on your next visit, others may have an offer on a certain product. The point is, be observant. You never know where you’ll turn up deals and discount codes.

14. Beware of Spending More Money

Coupons can and do save many people money. However, one must be careful not to fall into the trap of actually spending more money than intended. A good example of this would be walking into a shop with a couple of coupons, with the sole intention of buying just those items, yet leaving with a cart full. The point of using coupons is to save money. Just remember, your objective is to get a deal. The manufacturer’s objective is to get you shopping. Resist the urge.

15. The Good Old Womble

Whilst there may be a small question as to whether or not it is a legal practice, many people collect coupons from shopping carts other people have left. As long as whatever coupon you’ve located is not linked with a specific rewards or loyalty card, you should be able to use it. It is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially when it comes to coupons.

16. Pay Attention to the Order You Use Coupons In

It does not always matter the order in which you use your coupons, as many stores computer systems will separate them and use them properly. However, as you become more coupon savvy, you’ll begin to notice that giving all the coupons at the end is not always best. It is highly recommended that you give each coupon with the corresponding product. This is at least until you know for sure if the shop you’re in will calculate the best savings automatically.

17. Overage for Extreme Savings

We’ve all seen the reality shows in which the women, or men for that matter, wind up being in the positive at the end of the shopping spree. Now this is not all that typical for newbie couponers, but as you become better at it, you’ll find this does in fact happen in some cases. If you are lucky enough to have an overage as a result of saved money, use it. Most of the time that won’t be given to you in cash, so you’ll want to take advantage of it right then.

18. Collect Multiple Coupons for the Same Product

There are some coupons that do not allow use with other coupons. As mentioned earlier, always read the fine print. Now, if you’ve read your coupon well and there is nothing there that says it cannot be used with other offers, take full advantage of that. You can use as many coupons as you want for a single item provided there are no restrictions. Make sure you don’t let a clerk push you around. Remember, if it’s not in writing, they cannot refuse it.

19. Keep Your Coupons Organised

This is vital to success. Anyone can open a drawer and toss in a random pile of coupons. However, what do you do when it’s time to go shopping? We highly suggest you keep your coupons in order by product type. Paper products with paper products, canned goods with canned goods, dairy coupons with diary coupons etc. This is not a requirement but it will certainly make your life easier.

20. Ask Friends and Family to Save Coupons for You

There is no doubt that once you begin to realise savings through the use of coupons, you’ll be hooked. So, with that said, what is another way to come upon coupons? Well, aside from collecting them yourself, you might want to ask your friends who can’t be bothered using coupons to give them to you. Most people don’t mind hanging onto a coupon for a friend.

21. Do Not Ignore Rebates

Rebates are actually a thing. Yes, it is a bit of an inconvenience filling out the paper and putting it in the post, but if its going to get you money back, why wouldn’t you do it? Ask yourself how many rebates you’ve let slide to the wayside for lack of time or motivation. It isn’t as if money grows on trees, and the best way to become a successful couponer is to start counting every single bit of money. Rebates are offered with many different products such as phones, computers, tablets, as well as loads of other electronics.

22. Stock Up On Items You Use Regularly

No, you probably don’t need 50 bottles of shampoo all at once, but what if you have enough coupons to get half that many for free, provided you buy them like that? Do not be afraid to stock up on items you’ll eventually need. Sure, it might seem like quite an expense as you’re buying. However, once you calculate what each bottle ended up costing, you’ll see that buying all that shampoo was actually a great deal.

23. Don’t Be Shy

We’ve all been that impatient person in line behind the “coupon lady.” This may cause you to take pause before getting in line with your folder full of coupons. Just remember, that coupon lady was onto something. Do not let other patrons or clerks dissuade you. It took you time to get those coupons together so use them, and proudly. If people have a problem with the time it’s taking you to check out, just remember, that’s their problem. You can turn and give them a little wink, then loudly announce how much money you’ve saved at the end. That always gets them.

24. Use Manufacturers Coupons with Store Coupons

Manufacturers offer great coupons, probably the best. When they are used in combination with store coupons they get even better. If you have a manufacturer’s coupon on two boxes of cereal, and the coupon says you save a pound when you buy two boxes- what happens when you have a buy one get one free coupon? You do the math. You wind up getting 4 boxes of cereal for less than what it would have cost you for one.

25. Start a Piggy Bank

Put all the money you save using coupons into a small piggy bank or jar. This is a good way to gauge what you’ve really saved over a period of time. Not only is it that, but it is also a great way to give yourself incentive to continue using coupons. When you can see the cash for yourself- cash you would have spent if not for the coupons, it really prompts you to go after them even more zealously.

26. Download Phone Cash Back Apps

There are several apps for your phone such as CheckoutSmart and Shoptize you can download onto your phone. These apps work by allowing you to earn money on certain items every time you shop. New items are featured all the time. If you have these apps check back often to the site to see which items are offering the most savings. These apps are fun and easy to use, and they take less time than using conventional coupons.

27. Ask About Special Offers

If you do not see a store paper when you walk in, don’t be afraid to ask one of the employees what the sale items are. Most stores are pretty good about posting up sale prices, but it certainly never hurts to ask. This is especially true if you have a purse full of coupons. Remember, double the savings with store offers, or maybe even triple the savings. In some cases, a store may allow a rain check if they’ve run out of an item on a sale day. Always ask about that if one of the items you want is not in stock.

28. Product Reviews

A very fun way to save money on your favourite items is through product reviews. Sometimes manufacturers offer consumers the chance to review products for free give-aways. Not only do you get freebies this way but you can also sign up for future promotions. Check online for a list of companies that offer product reviewers deals on merchandise.

29. Coupons for Ink

If you begin printing out loads of coupons, you’ll be using quite a bit of ink. We suggest you buy inexpensive ink and watch out for coupons on it. There isn’t much point in saving a bundle of money if you are going to spend it all on ink, is there? Additionally, it may not be necessary to print coupons out in every case. Many businesses allow you to scan your receipt, or even the product with your phone. Whenever possible, use coupons you don’t have to print out. Some shops will even allow you to show them a photo of the coupon.

30. Listen and Watch for Promo Codes

You may be watching the telly or listening to the radio when a company advertises. In many cases they’ll offer you a number to text to get promo code sent to your phone. Websites also have places where you can find promo codes. Don’t forget the golden rule of couponing. Always, always try to use more than one coupon on any given item. With discount codes and coupons, and the money you’ll save, you just may have enough for a nice little holiday with family next year. Definitely keep your ears and eyes peeled for specials, discounts, promos and coupons.

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